Exterior House Painting Services

Ray Stewart Exterior House PaintingYour home in Hamilton is meant to last. To make it last you must be sure to maintain it and take proper care.

When most of us hear this advise, we tend to just think of the inside, the interior. To ignore the exterior of your home would spell bad news for yourself, and future tenants.

Make the exterior of your Hamilton home shine like new with a fresh layer of primer and paint. Make the most of the canvas you've been given, by taking advantage of the cost effective, value increasing task of exterior house painting.

Where to Start: Painting my the Outside of my House Painting the outside of your house is not the the usual type of do-it-yourself renovation project.
Because you're dealing with exteriors, the type of pain your choose is very vital.

Also, you'll have to consider those hard to reach areas. Are you going to be the one getting up on a ladder to paint those high window frames? Or are we going to hire a professional exterior home …

Bathroom Renovations in Hamilton / Burlington

My Bathroom Reno Experience w/ Bearder Construction Last year I had an excellent contractor redo the bathroom at my home in Hamilton, as it was high time for a bathroom renovation. Since my house was built in the 1970's, you can safely assume I had an olive green bathtub and toilet to match.

Granted, I myself could've lived with this stylish decor for the rest of my life... It didn't phase me. But the wife was not so thrilled with the choice. Somehow bathing in olive coloured soup didn't appeal to her.

Hiring a Local (Hamilton Area) Reno Expert As far as local professional contractors go, I really didn't have a clue who to contact. Beyond the stories you hear about jobs not being complete, or contractors not showing up on time, or coming in over budget -> I had to be sure to get Hamilton's best...

Bathroom contractors are a notorious beast... Not only are they in high demand all across Hamilton itself, but even if you reach out to renovation crews in Burlin…

Hamilton Mortgage Brokers (And Where to Find Them)

Hamilton's Growing Population of Mortgage Brokers And What it Means for You The web is flush with people who are interested in attracting your attention to discuss home financing and their ability to be your mortgage broker in Hamilton, or mortgage agent.
The Truth is: Experience Counts When we sift through all of the different mortgage companies in Hamilton, we're really going to have to focus on important factors that really distinguish between the herd. Some companies are rather new, and that doesn't give us much to work with in terms of track record and authority.

That's not to say they're not good at what they do. It's just one factor of many that you can choose from in addressing the quality of your mortgage broker in Hamilton, Ontario.

Newer agencies could have experienced players on their teams, but why the switch? Why the new branding? It's worth asking, especially when it comes to something that impacts your life for the long haul - Your home fin…

The Directory is Back (Reborn 2018)

Welcome Back The Hamilton Biz Directory is back, and will soon be better than ever.

We'd like to thank you for your patience while we've been away, but guarantee we will have nothing but high quality listings relevant to Hamilton and the immediate area only.

All listings will be monitored and set to approval only. This will keep unacceptable businesses from posting and cluttering up this soon-to-be magnificent site.

Update on Why we Love Hamilton I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ontario. The name of the town is Caledonia, and the proximity to Hamilton meant that if any fun was to be had as a youngster, it meant going to Hamilton.

Whether it was to a Tiger Cat football game, or a Hamilton Bulldogs hockey game, there was no shortage of entertainment and business options in this fine city on the mountain.

The Directory Comeback With the come back of this directory, I hope to revisit past businesses that I loved to frequent in the old days, as well as new c…