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A Great Paying Job Brings Great Anxiety (Forklift Training)

What a headline right?  If I was the one reading it I would automatically assume the person writing was talking about office stress. Deadlines that are impossible, long gruelling hours, being attached at the fingertips with my boss 24/7. Living in a cloud of blue screen and carpel tunnel. Sounds familiar?  That was my old job... So Confident After a decade of overtaxing office work in Southern Ontario, I decided to change my life. I wanted to detach from the keyboard that was keeping me up all night and try factory work. The pay was more and closer to home. You will read why that is important in a moment. I was more than qualified for the jobs... Except for one thing, the  Forklift Training . I was ready to flip switches, lift packages, mindlessly fill containers. But, Fork Lift driving was not on my "let's go" list. It's embarrassing to say, I spent the majority of my adult life using GO Transit or Taxi Cabs (yes I just dated myself). 3 walks of shame is how many tim