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Basement Apartment Renovations Brantford

I’m not sure how I would have liked becoming an adult during this time of the world. I’m a very independent person who hates asking for help, handouts or even little compliments. I am currently struggling with my teenagers and adult child. The years put into creating a foundation for them to thrive into their own adulthood are taken from them. With inflation and the cost of EVERYTHING, my daughter, even with a nest egg… cannot afford to move out and start her life. This was when we decided to  renovate our basement  into a suite for her. The Multi Family Home Scenario in Brantford During the pandemic our family had an interesting time. I’m sure that everyone would say the same for their lives as well… But… At the time, we had an elementary graduate, high school graduate and a child with a pretty serious autoimmune disease. Then our youngest who just had no problem adapting to life… I wish. Adding to the mix, we had purchased a new home for us in Brantford, Ontario. In our minds we have