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Exterior House Painting Services

Ray Stewart Exterior House Painting

Your home in Hamilton is meant to last. To make it last you must be sure to maintain it and take proper care.

When most of us hear this advise, we tend to just think of the inside, the interior. To ignore the exterior of your home would spell bad news for yourself, and future tenants.

Make the exterior of your Hamilton home shine like new with a fresh layer of primer and paint. Make the most of the canvas you've been given, by taking advantage of the cost effective, value increasing task of exterior house painting.

Where to Start: Painting my the Outside of my House

Painting the outside of your house is not the the usual type of do-it-yourself renovation project.
Because you're dealing with exteriors, the type of pain your choose is very vital.

Also, you'll have to consider those hard to reach areas. Are you going to be the one getting up on a ladder to paint those high window frames? Or are we going to hire a professional exterior home painter?

That is all I need to hear right there, but others may be less than convinced...

Safety First. Safe Exterior Home Painting Practices

As much as it sounds like an easy job to do, painting the outside of a home in Hamilton can be dangerous work. There are heights to deal with, tight corners, and plenty of edges that require a delicate touch.

To do a great job painting the outside of a home, you're going to need durable paints, excellent brushes and/or sprayers. Scaffolding and safety harnesses are also something you should definitely have if going up beyond ground level.

House Painting is a Skill Like Any Other

I was never one to have the patience to endure painting. Growing up and even to this very day. I dislike painting. I think the accuracy of it is what keeps me away.

In fact, accuracy and attention to detail may be what keeps me away from a lot of things.

To paint the outside of a house, you will need to have this attention to detail on lockdown. Sure there are generally large areas of the side of a home's outside that can be rolled or sprayed in record time...
But breaking records isn't the point.

Beyond that, there's all the edges you may encounter when coming across window sills, eaves-troughs, door frames, brickwork, and other aluminum work.

It all needs to be addressed and painted with patience and a steady stroke. Not the broad butchering strokes of a mad renaissance painter.

You'll also need to consider your choice of colour for the exterior of your home. Thankfully, Bob Villa has done the research for you: Choosing an exterior house paint colour.

Different Types of Home Exteriors to Paint

You may be living in a typical modern Hamilton, Ontario house. The exterior of that house is likely to be one of only a few types of common materials:
  • Brick
  • Wooden siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Plaster
  • Wood
  • Aluminum siding

Painting Homes Made of Brick

Some of these materials are easier to work with than others. For instance, painting the exterior of a home made out of brick can certainly be difficult. Dealing with the jagged brick, with all of its ins and outs can be quite aggravating for a home painter.

There are however, tools to help make it easier. In the case of painting a home made out of bricks, you can use a very fluffy paint roller. The extra fluff will allow the paint to find its way into the nooks and crannies.

When we use a great paint sprayer, brick is no match. The sprayer really does do its job to cover all of the exterior surface where applied.

Painting Homes Made out of Siding

Siding is one of the types of exterior finishes that we come up against quite often. So many homes are finished and cladded with vinyl siding, it's not even funny.

It was, and still is a very cost effective way to cover a house and keep it safe from the elements.
Where it becomes fun, is when it is time to perform some exterior home maintenance and paint the siding.

First thing that needs to be done is the exterior of the home must be power washed to remove all debris, dirt, residue, and bug guts - Yes, bug guts... That is the last thing you want to have become a permanent part of your home's new finish!

After the outside of the home is clean, there may be a need to 'prime' the surface so that the final coats of paint have something to 'bite' onto.

Primer acts as a base layer of paint, and helps the final layers stick and retain colour consistency if the original exterior layer is uneven in colour...

Painting the Outside of Steel and Aluminum Homes in Hamilton, Ontario

Steele and aluminum present their own unique set of challenges when they're involved in painting a home. Though few homes (more barns!) are finished with steel and aluminum, they are easy to spray clean with a power washer...

The fun part about painting steel homes, is that they typically do not require primer. The steel typically includes a thin layer of urethan primer that acts as a base layer already.

This means you can use your favourite brand of steel and rust-proof paint and go-to-town. Painting the exterior of homes made out of steel is much more a matter of finesse than of process. Though process always matters.

Finding a Home Exterior Painting Service

You may not realize it, but even a company that has a long history as an agricultural painting service can make a great impact as a home exterior painter.

Ray Stewart Painting Service is a third generation painting company with a specialization in exterior painting for agriculture, homeowners, and business.

Your home is often touted as your biggest investment (unless you're into that BitCoin thing), as such you'll want to do all you can to make it last. Painting the exterior of your home is one of the most efficient ways of adding value to your curb appeal, without spending a whole lot of money.

Typically, a modern home's exterior can be completely painted in a matter of days or a good weekend.

For the time it takes to have a massive impact on your homes value, it is well worthwhile to look into Ray Stewart Painting Services to take your home's exterior to the next level.


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