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My Bathroom Reno Experience w/ Bearder Construction

Last year I had an excellent contractor redo the bathroom at my home in Hamilton, as it was high time for a bathroom renovation. Since my house was built in the 1970's, you can safely assume I had an olive green bathtub and toilet to match.

Granted, I myself could've lived with this stylish decor for the rest of my life... It didn't phase me. But the wife was not so thrilled with the choice. Somehow bathing in olive coloured soup didn't appeal to her.

Hiring a Local (Hamilton Area) Reno Expert

As far as local professional contractors go, I really didn't have a clue who to contact. Beyond the stories you hear about jobs not being complete, or contractors not showing up on time, or coming in over budget -> I had to be sure to get Hamilton's best...

Bathroom contractors are a notorious beast... Not only are they in high demand all across Hamilton itself, but even if you reach out to renovation crews in Burlington or Waterdown, it's still quite tough to get a call back.

It must be nice to be so busy that you don't have to call back prospective customers. That is SOME business!

That is until I landed on Bearder Construction (based in Waterdown -> err, Millgrove, to be perfectly accurate).

Successfully Reaching out to Bearder Construction

After contacting Bearder Construction via their website's contact form, I was please see see an answer to my bathroom renovation query before the day was out... A strange departure from the way others had been treating my requests.

Mr. Cory Bearder was able to come out for a visit the following day to inspect my current masterpiece of a bathroom.

Since he's been in the construction business for over 15 years, my 'unique' green bathroom fixtures were very familiar to him. A strange aside, is that he was actually aware of the builder of the house. That was comforting in a familiar sort of way.

Getting Straight to the Point

When I was expecting a long drawn out story related to how big of a project this bathroom renovation would be, he actually explained it all really simply, and in plain English. I am not one for construction lingo.

Another way to increase your home's value, other than interior renovations, is to paint the exterior of your house.

That's the way you get through to people now. Really it's the way you've always been able to get to people, it just seems we went through a long period of time where overly sales-y people would get knee deep into industry jargon. This turns off regular people, and creates a distance between a service provider and customer.

Again, I am thoroughly impressed with the poise of Bearder Construction. Hamilton area bathroom experts, you're in trouble!

The Total Bathroom Demolition and Remodelling Process:

The proposed renovations to my bathroom were to start with the following destruction items:
  • Take out old tub, toilet, & sink
  • Remove old shower surround
  • Remove vanity/cabinet
  • Remove old laminate flooring
  • Remove old bathroom door and other random fixtures.
  • Basically a full gut, with some modest drywall work.
Once the actually updates and installations start taking place, we're looking at the follow tasks to do:
  • Install new toilet
  • Install new water proof wall board for behind --->
  • Install new tub, faucet, taps and shower surround
  • New shower/curtain rod (we found a very nice one, stainless steel)
  • Install new vanity and counter top with sink (all in one, very nice)
  • New Italian tiles (2x1, very rough rock, grey, and pretty)
  • Put in new ceiling fan and pot lights
  • Finish drywall and trim
  • Seal and caulk seams and all appropriate moisture sensitive joints.

Now that I type it out, I'm actually much more impressed with the final cost of this Hamilton bathroom renovation. In fact, maybe it's time to do the kitchen! 

Ultimate Conclusions and Thanks

I have to give credit to Cory and his crew. Not only did they get done the job much faster than anticipated, it actually seems like I received plenty of bang for my buck. Considering the notorious feelings I used to get when thinking about hiring contractors and construction companies, I've now changed my stance entirely.

They're saving me time, and improving my lifestyle. It's a win win, though yes, it will always cost you money. But hey, we make it to spend it. And if you can't enjoy some nice Italian stone tile beneath your feet in your new bathroom - What's the point?

Check out Bearder Construction for your next bathroom update and other interior remodelling effort:


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