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Industrial Pump & Seal Repairs

Industrial Pump Repair

An explanatory post written by the Hamilton area pump repair experts at Industrial Pump Repair Canada.

While industrial pumps in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe are often running 24/7 helping keep our businesses, towns, and cities running the way they should, they are often ignored—that is, until, they stop working. 

Whether it is a chemical pump, an oil pump, or a water pump, when a pump comes to a halt due to breakage or wear and tear, you are sure to take notice and realize just how important your pump’s proper functioning really is.

Giant industrial pumps

Types of Industrial Pumps

One of the most common types of machines in the world, there are two main kinds of pumps: Centrifugal Pumps, and Positive Displacement Pumps.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps use an impeller—which, as the name suggests, does the opposite of a propeller. While a propeller works by pushing liquid away an impeller has an inward curving blade that actually draws liquids toward it.
The impeller is normally driven by an electric motor or combustion engine, and its movement produces suction at the pump inlet, drawing water inside.
There are three types of centrifugal pumps:
  • Axial Flow Pumps: Axial flow pumps are also known as “propeller pumps” as they produce a flow that travels along with the propeller.
  • Radial Flow Pumps: The flow that is produced by a radial flow pump sits a 90-angle to the shaft.
  • Mixed Flow Pumps: Mixed flow pumps produce a dual flow that combines axial and radial flows in a cone-like shape.

Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps move a fixed amount of fluid at regular intervals. They are built with internal cavities that fill up at the suction side, to be discharged with higher pressure at the outlet. Based on how the fluid is displaced, positive displacement pumps can be reciprocating or rotary.
  • Reciprocating Pumps: Flow is established by a cavity that expands and contracts, such as a piston. Water moves into the cavity during expansion and is forced out during contraction, while flow direction is controlled with check valves. Examples of reciprocating pumps include diaphragms and pistons.
  •  Rotary Pump: Uses a rotor that traps water in cavities, releasing it at the pump outlet. These cavities can be the spaces between gear teeth or screw threads, among other configurations. Some designs use more than one shaft, but the principle is the same: the rotor shape is designed to capture “pockets” of water and displace them in the intended direction. Rotary pumps have a number of usages including gears, rotary lobes, and rotary vanes.

Pump Repairs

When it comes to pumping repairs, there are a number of common types of pumps that, with time, can break and require repair. This is the reason our company, Industrial Pump Repair Canada, exists.

Circulation Pump

Generally, a circulation pump has in-line suction and discharge flanges used to circulate gases, liquids, or slurries in a closed circuit. A circulation pump often has to do with hot water and can sometimes leak or crack due to water damage. 
A circulation pump is used in many businesses to keep hot water running throughout the pipes all day. If these pumps break and your business’s hot water disappears, you should call a professional.

Booster Pump

Used to boost pressure in a system for applications where normal system pressure is low and needs to be increased. Booster pumps are a lot like fans in that they use the same sort of blades to increase pressure within a water system. 
Although booster pumps can be useful in situations where a business or building has very low water pressure, they can also sometimes be improperly installed which can lead to even further plumbing problems. Before installing a booster pump, it is often worth checking if your initial pump is in need of repair and or cleaning.

Submersible Pump

A pump submerged in liquid or fluid. The motor is hermetically sealed and encapsulated in the body of the pump casing. Submersible pumps have a number of commercial uses from draining pools that need repair and many others. 
Because submersible pumps are often put into hardy situations, they can eventually crack, break and need repair.

Grinder Pump

A type of submersible sewage pump that has cutting teeth incorporated onto the impeller to grind the sewage. Grinder pumps are a convenient tool for industries where lots of viscus waste is flushed down the drains. It can lead to cleaner pipes and better water flow. 
Like kitchen disposal, though, grinder pumps can sometimes become clogged and will occasionally need repair.


Most usually frame mount centrifugal pumps, split case, vertical multistage as well as others. HVAC pumps are most commonly used in A/V vents and for other indoor applications. Many air conditioning problems and issues are related to HVAC pumps. 
If your air conditioning is not working properly and seems weekend, it may be worth having your 
HVAC pump inspected.

pump cross section

Split Case Pump

Types of centrifugal pumps that have a single or double suction impeller supported between bearings. Split case pumps are often used in cases where an end suction pump is not suitable. This can include potable water distribution as well as other applications.

Fire Pump

Centrifugal pumps used for firefighting in buildings, plants, and other locations. Must meet UL/NFPA standards for fire pumps. It is very important that your building’s fire pump is regularly inspected and tested for any possible damage. 
Fire pumps are especially vulnerable to breaking down because they are so rarely used—obviously, though they are still highly important and when you need them to flip on, you want to be sure that they are in working order!

Self-Priming Pump

A specific type of centrifugal pump that can be located above the suction reservoir without an external priming system. This is important for certain kinds of pumps that are not operated and checked often by people. 
Just because self-priming pumps take care of themselves in some cases, it does not mean they are indestructible. Your business’s self-priming pumps should be regularly inspected.

Long Shaft Pump

Built to the particular service conditions to assure safe, efficient and reliable operation. If your long shaft pump breaks, seek professional help as the machines can be complex and often require the trained eye to fix.


You should not try to fix your pumps without professional. 
For help repairing, or sealing your business’s pumps contact the experts at Industrial Pump Repair in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Ontario.

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